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1. How many lessons will I have per week?


Each course has 1 lesson per week, which is for 2 ½ hours.  You may sign up for more than one class per week in order to complete the course quicker, or sign up for more than one course.


2. If I wanted to finish the courses quicker, am I allowed to do more than one class per week or different courses simultaneously?  


Yes, if you are willing and have the time and funds to do so, you certainly may.  A lot of students do 2 or more courses at the same time or sign up for more than 1 class per week.




We strongly encourage you to try and make all your classes to ensure that you finish your course in time. 

*Missed classes are forfeited at the student's expense and notes can be provided upon request if you would like to catch up the missed lesson at home. 

*You are liable for full payment of the course that you sign up for, whether you attend all classes or not.  Monthly payments are not dependent on the student’s attendance rate – missed classes are forfeited at the student’s own expense and full installments are due every month.  i.e. students can not skip classes to save money.

* Monthly fees are payable by or on the 1st of every month.  5% interest is charged for late payments.

* Space is kept for each student in the selected class/es only, and only for the duration of the course that the student has signed up for.  Missed classes are forfeited at the student’s expense.  Notes will be provided for homework upon request, in order to finish off by the date that the booked classes lapse. 

*No catch-up classes or classes on different days will be granted to make up for missed classes, for any reason whatsoever.  Spaces in other classes are reserved for other students.  So unfortunately if you can not make your class for any reason whatsoever, your class is missed and forfeited at your own expense.

* UberGlam reserves the right to cancel your student membership should missing classes become and inconvenience and problem.  Should a student be absent from class for 30 days without notification and payment, UberGlam reserves the right to cancel the student’s membership and the student will be held liable for payment until a replacement student is found.

*No course cancellations & no refunds will be issued, and no discounts will be given for missed classes. 

*Your course may be changed to a different course but cannot simply be cancelled or moved to a different date if you can not attend your course anymore.  Space is kept for the student for the full duration of the course he/she signs up for and he/she is therefore responsible for payment for the full duration of the period.

*Switching your class to a different day can only be done in a new term, and if it is requested early enough to be accommodated in the new term.  The student is still liable for payment while waiting to be switched to a different day and the course will still end at the original date of registration.


4.  Do I have to wait for the beginning of the year to enroll for a course?


No, you may start later in the year.  Student intakes are done at the start of each new term.  Your course duration will start from the time you sign up, and your course runs for consequtive months.

Alternatively we would suggest to enroll for the "Open Class" without a course syllabus if you would like to start mid-term and if there is space for us to accommodate this.


5.  Do I have to do all the courses?


No, you may hand pick the ones that interest you.  For example, if you are only interested in learning how to do jackets and pants, you may enroll for the Design and Construction (Intermediate) and skip the others.  Or, you might already know how to sew, and are only interested in learning to do patterns.  We work with you at your own individual level irrespective of the course you are doing.


6.  How big are the classes?


Classes range from 8 - 15 students.


7.  What if I’ve never even sewn a stitch in my life before?


No problem at all! Most of the students are total beginners.  We work with you at your level of sewing and design knowledge.


8.  What if I discover I’m too advanced for the course I’ve enrolled for?


Your course may not be cancelled but you are welcome to change it to a different course and you keep the same time slot. 


9.  Is it a problem if I don’t have my own sewing machine and/or over locker?


We have sewing machines and over lockers available for you to use in class, at no extra charge.  We do encourage getting your own machine though, so you get used to your own machine and know how to operate it at home.  You’d very soon want to start doing some extra sewing at home, and the students who do, naturally progress much quicker than those who don’t.

Those who prefer to bring their own machines and work on their own in class, are welcome to do so.


10.  What if I cannot afford all the equipment for the course?


The kit consists of the basic tools and equipment you need for patternmaking and sewing.  It is made up of the most affordable and only the necessary equipment.  You may purchase your kit later on in the course and use our equipment in class (at no extra charge) until you can afford to acquire your own.  You may also purchase individual items from the kit as your budget allows, and thus gradually build up your kit over a period of time.


11.  What is the minimum/maximum age requirement?


Most of our students at ÜberGlam are between 20yrs – 35yrs, but we have had students as young as 9yrs and as old as 65yrs.  Anybody with a passion for fashion design and a desire to learn, is welcome


12.  Am I encouraged to try extra and challenging things at home?


Yes indeed!  We will even give you extra notes to help you along.  We love it when students want to grow and challenge themselves


13.  May I enroll if I am a foreigner?


Yes you are most welcome to, we have had learners from Brazil, France, Columbia, Spain, Ireland, China, Nigeria, Botswana and many other countries.


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